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Events in Riccione

From music, sport, going for fashion and art, Riccione offers every year a full calendar of events that is spread throughout the year.

Musical and theatrical performances, concerts of the greatest Italian artists often take place in the main square of Riccione, a few steps from the sea.

Not to mention the now historic events such as La Notte Rosa, better defined, Rivera New Year's, when the city and the Riviera together, turn pink, giving life to the heart of hospitality: concerts, exhibitions, markets, festivals and numerous opportunities to learn about the Romagna with all its colors.

There are also numerous festivals hinterland of Riccione and there are many places to see, not least Gradara, that Dante has made famous with the story of Paolo and Francesca and their enchanted castle.

Numerous events, all to follow, and many reasons for choosing to book a holiday in Riccione!